Dreambox Keys

Often asked question is How to transfer keys to a Dreambox. Well here is are the steps:This is the simple method. Please follow it carefully :-

  1.  Install and setup evocamd (or any emu). Assumes your Dreambox has internet connection.
  2. Get the keys onto your Dreambox.
  3. use FileZilla to FTP the keys to your Dreambox
  4. Unzipped it  and you will find a folder 'var'. Inside that folder you will find 'bin', 'etc' and 'keys' folders.
  5. Ftp the all the contents of the 3 folders to the corresponding folders in your dreambox. In the bin folder, right click at the files pcamd and camd3 and change attributes to 755.
  6. Ftp the latest key file camd3.keys (I assume you have) to the keys folder.
  7. Reboot the dreambox  or Restart emu (not needed for CCcam)
  8.  Install emu
    1. Goto blue button > addons
      download and install > cam > evocamd
      (download and install > cam-config> MgCamd if you use MgCamd)
    2. blue button > auto cam setup
    3. set the default cam to evocamd
  9.  If you download the keybundle from satandream.com, then
    1. How to install satankeybundle
      Download the satankeybundle and unzip it to a folder. Then unzip the …tar.gz - file and you get an folder named “satan.tar”, inside to folders named “Keys” and “Scce”.
      Use an ftp-program or DCC or Total Commander and copy/move these to folders(keys + scce) into the “Var” folder.
      That ‘s all! Reboot your Dbox and it will run for you.
      All emu will work(Camd3, Newcamd, MGcamd or CCcam).
      It’s possible to move the tar.gz-file into the folder into Var/Temp and then manuell install over the blue panel så will it work too, but that’s not possible for all IMG’s.
    2. Go to blue button > restart cam